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Kenneth, 15 years old, French, bulimic, depressed, alone. {
HW : 5"3
WG : 130lbs } 1m62 ; 59.4kg

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totally-fat Asked: "How is the ABC diet?"


Not that hard, everyone can do it ! Just keep motivating, plan all your meals, and do lot of sports ! It worth it ! I already can see the results after 4day. :)

When I have those legs, I’ll buy this pants.

When I have those legs, I’ll buy this pants.

Blogday 9.

YAAAAAAAAAAAY <3 Here with a super new.

ABC Diet 5 - 100 cals.

Eaten ; 50. Bruned ; MORE THAN 551 !
Total ; -501 cals !

Can’t wait ‘til tomorrow; I have a 3hour dance  repetition, it’s gonna BURN BURN BURN <3

"Eating isn’t very Chanel."

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tiny-lou-deactivated20120822 Asked: "thanks, i tried ABC and lost 21 pounds :) . i want to do it again, but its hard to keep to it now i live with my boyfriend."


Just tell him you’re carying about your weight and just trying to eat healthly ? :)

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